Frequently Asked Questions

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A physician prescribes AbClo, and any authorized individual can apply/adjust/monitor the device.
Yes. Either alone or in combination with NWPT, AbClo can be deployed to assist in the primary closure in the Open Abdomen (OA) patient.
AbClo is the only commercially available non-invasive approach supporting closure of open abdomens.
AbClo is indicated for use in adult open abdomen (laparostomy) patients acute or trauma based.
AbClo can be used effectively in high BMI patients. Larger sized CDR (circumferential dynamic retainer) binders are available for use in these patients. AbClo has been used effectively in patients with a BMI of 61.
No, AbClo is not reusable. AbClo can be reused on the same patient.
Abdominal pressure should be monitored using standard hospital protocols. The AbClo tensioner bag and gauge do not measure abdominal pressure.
Yes. An opening can be cut in the CDR binder to allow for stoma access.
AbClo is Manufactured in Canada.
Instructions for ordering AbClo are available on our website and in the VATS document on page #83.

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