Preventing the loss of domain and facilitating primary closure

Problems with Open Abdomens

Research shows that almost 1 in 5 open abdomen procedures in the US are left intentionally open and a staggering 38% of these "fail to close". The risks of infection, loss of domain and mortality are significant and costly.

The Solution

AbClo’s patented technology enables physicians to non-invasively prevent lateralization of the abdominal walls and facilitate primary closure in open abdomen cases.

When to Use

AbClo should be used to facilitate closure on any intentionally left open abdomen. It supports and stabilizes the abdominal wall to prevent fascia damage, lateral retraction and loss of domain.

Approvals & Regulatory

AbClo is licenced by Health Canada and the FDA.

Made in Canada

AbClo is manufactured in Toronto by our partner MD Precision/Sonele.


Physician led innovation by leading surgeons. Supported by experienced Advisors from industry.

Instructions for Use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Either alone or in combination with NWPT, AbClo can be deployed to assist in the primary closure in the OA patient.
AbClo provides a non-invasive option to assist in prevention of loss of domain and facilitating closure.
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AbClo can be used effectively in high BMI patients. Larger sized CDR (circumferential dynamic retainer) binders are available for use in these patients. AbClo has been used effectively in patients with a BMI of 61.


Research Papers

Dr. Rezende-Neto has published a number of articles on trauma surgery. In addition, Dr. Rotstein’s work spans the “bench to bedside” continuum.


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Keep updated with us in the news. Click here to read an article from the Financial Post about one of our Founders Dr Joao Rezende-Neto.

Paper about AbClo

Click here to read the research results from our pilot study. Results were published in the journal for “Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open” in 2020.


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Our goal of our surgical innovations is to find better ways to improve patient outcomes and also make is easier on the medical teams and hospitals. Our innovations save precious time and lives.

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    AbClo is the only non-invasive device on the market to assist in the closure of open abdomens.


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